From the recording SLAVERY

Written and Produced by Ed Daly
vocals, electric guitar - Ed Daly
backing vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard - Mike Dwane
pedal steel - Sean Harrold
bass - Dave Magner
drums, keyboard - Ray Murphy
Recorded at Rock On studio Limerick
Recorded and Mixed by Sean Harrold
Mastered at WAV Mastering Limerick by Richard Dowling


Written and Produced by Ed Daly
Tuesday blues on the fashion victim streets
mangled bicycles chained to poles and me
untied at the loosest end I ever lost
I watch the drunk boys dive through the rubbish piles
Now that I'm sober I look back and see
a drunken man that looks a lot like me
and I wonder who is more real
me or him?
who's in the driving seat
him or me?
The firemen tend to all my weekends burnt bridges
the films I call my dreams wake me up in a sweat
Saturday night's chains of temptation
drag me through the week
I am not strong enough to resist
Save me
from Slavery